On the Moroni Promises

That, I suppose, is what started me on my eventual journey out of the Church.
The Moroni promises are an uncontrolled tool that anyone – members, non-members, investigators, etc … – can employ. They can do it totally outside the control of the church itself.

In many ways what I’m about to say conforms with official Church dogma. Ask God what is true and God will tell you.

If one trusts God and accepts/believes that God will reveal truths to humans, then the Moroni promises are one method of getting divine opinion on your personal revelation.

The requirements have nothing to do with Church conformity or worthiness. Only a contrite spirit and willingness to be prompted and to trust the prompting.

When I began doing this and getting results that had nothing to do with my standing as a Church member, I learned that the Father and the Mother are not connected to, limited by nor bound by Mormon doctrine and theology claims.

If the Higher Power is real, the Moroni Promises are but one method of eliminating any Church middle men or any authority and going directly to the source.

Applying the Moroni formula and trusting the Moroni promises started me on the path to spiritual knowledge that continues winding before me to this day. It worked for me.

And … as is promised in Sec 121, my confidence waxed stronger and stronger and my dependence on someone else’s religious opinion declined more quickly.

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