I must continue attempting to mislead the majority of our fellow Believers by tempting them with the sin of critical thinking.

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Defenders of the Faith, Soldiers of the Crusade(s), Inquisitors and Fellow Heretics:
With fear and trepidation I write nakedly here before you in defense of my lack of sober and righteous teachings. But, in the tradition of famous ancient Jewish teachers, I ask you to gather here at my feet – in the accustomed manner – while I refuse to throw the Book at you and continue authoring (Arthuring?) heretical content upon which apologists of all genre can foist their petards.

Let us begin by renewing our vows to not toss buzzwords like “hate”, “attack”, “defend”, “persecute”, or any other quick-draw punch-lines that portray one point of view as “victim” while implying that an opposite point of view is invalid , not “Godly” and certainly full of rancor, hate, and unfair persecutorial attack.

All are welcome to sit at my feet and bespeak their wisdom while I ponder pontifications as to how best to engender wisdom in the lives of those who might want to encounter an array of opposing viewpoints upon which to ponder as part of a process of making up a mind.

I realize that like my my historical Jewish counterparts, among them the revered Gamaliel and Hillel, I and those who agree with me are probably outnumbered by a majority of true-church moralists who claim to represent a base of true believers at a ratio of oh, say  1heretic to 59 million truth bearers.  Millions agree, I am told.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of persecuting the majority against overwhelming blind-guide odds, I feel that you, my disciples and I must continue attempting to mislead the majority of our fellow Believers by tempting them with the sin of critical thinking.

Or, since some cannot find my teachings in my voluminous 3-year high-fat/hight-carb career of liberal religious blather here, I must concede that teachings and opinion are often not the same things.

In this regard, I apologize to all those who – when I repeatedly have referred to Sermons on Mounts, Forgiving Fathers of Prodigal Sons, Good Samaritans, Lilies in Fields, Not judging so as not to be judged, and a historical teacher’s God of Compassion – assumed I was endorsing the teachings of someone else when in reality I was not really teaching at all, merely expressing opinions.
Let us continue our pursuit of spiritual truth, ethical (oops, sorry) I mean, MORAL values and learning how to co-exist in a world where some want to be totally right so as to leave everyone else totally wrong – in the eyes of God, of course.

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