Come Listen to a Wise Man’s Voice

Robert Subby is the author of books such as Healing the Family Within and has a connection to ACA (formerly ACOA: Adult Child Of An Alcoholic.)

As you know I have a history of exposure to ACOA going back to the 13-week therapy in 1992 which in which I was participating at the time my Dad died. In retrospect I believe I made a mistake in ending my exposure after Dad died because I assumed that if the alcoholic was gone, my problem was diminishing and would disappear.

That decision brought to an end the brief period when I was asking myself the most important questions about my personal life and was actively pursuing the answers.

I regret that now and have returned to that venue of self-examination.

Socrates has a famous quote about this sort of seeking.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

This talk which is somewhere in the 68-minute length is something I recommend that you (especially the men) take time and privacy to listen to alone. I seriously doubt you will consider the time poorly spent.

Robert Subby: ACA Convention Keynote Speech 2006

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