Testimony is the actual and literal experience of one’s soul in the presence of Divinity

One of the  Mormon names for Divinity – what the LDS call God the Father – is Elohim.

Elohim is a name that has come to us as that of our eternal parentage. Grammatically Elohim is the name used commonly for the plural of Diety.

I am comfortable with the name Elohim which tells of more truth than a Father God or the Mother Goddess

In speaking of Elohim I would use either gender and ask your indulgence in following my thoughts.

When I seek awareness of my soul and through my soul awareness of the Divine it seems wise to look where the Master said that the actual kingdom of God exists.

Would it not then be wonderful to trust the Master and to seek and sense Elohim within?

Elohim then is one name for  My Source, the One who is One with Me
… the One to Whom I Belong
… the One of whose reality I am a living, sensing, knowing part.

Elohim is in all things because Elohim IS all things.

Elohim is the Old Testament I-Am in all things.

Elohim remains the sensed source and is not confused with other entities created by mortal imagination, i.e. Yahweh or Jehovah.

Reality is not merely conceptualized as earth, life and the universe. Reality is the genuine and ultimate creation of Elohim. Elohim expresses the mortal you and me; the reality to which we belong and are a part. We did not beam down to a mortal holographic arena from some other place. Thus, we sense the expression of Elohim through living within our hearts that reality we know as both our  spiritual and mortal home.

We were born into mortality as the will of Elohim who made of our incarnation His incarnation in another of the uncountable expansions into physical existence by which Elohim explores all things.
Having been given a consciousness – or better said – a conscious life, we can understand that our  individuality is part of the Great Consciousness that is Elohim. Through Elohim’s will, we experience things personally. This individuality will be forever and part of the expanding consciousness of Elohim.

The sensing and feeling of our mortal souls as part of Elohim is real. The more mortal experiences that come to us,  the more we experience the sense and feeling of consciousness … and the observing of Elohim through our eyes, perceptions and thoughts.

Elohim does not sustain a mortal and limited truth with a capital T.

For most human beings, communion with Elohim never moves beyond the un-plowed field. Nor does the un-plowed field become the garden wherein Elohim is always the invited guest. Never having done the personal work of plowing and planting, we will not experience Elohim walking and talking with us in our own garden as intimates.

All that thrives needs be nourished by Elohim, but sustained by our own husbanding. Yet such will remain merely as small change in a rarely used purse until we act on our own faith – at which time we plant and plow what actually brings forth fruit as Elohim intends.

Our neglect has not been sin nor crime. No, our neglect only leaves us bereft and cursed with an  inactive on-going flaw in yur plans and desires. Our neglect is why we cannot hear often the voices of the Master Gardener.

There is no useless soil in the garden.
There are no seeds nor plants that are not wanted.
Everything – sooner or later – will awaken to its purpose and be found necessary and utilized whoever does the gardening..

Until we know how you we are one with Elohim, we will not see what Elohim see’s. We do not look and see thru the eyes of Elohim. It is more natural and unavoidable that Elohim looks through our eyes. Elohim helps us to see things in the same manner as Elohim sees.

Such is also true for listening. Better that Elohim helps us not only to see but also to hear.

The many truths and realizations we perceive come through our own intuitive and spiritual abilities.Those abilities are more a function of development and less a matter of some sort of special giftedness.

These things are knowable.
They do not come on conditions of merit or worthiness.
They are obtainable through the ultimate faith which is an awareness of Elohim that grows into knowledge whose source is our own experience.

If Elohim has now been recognized as the giver of our lives then Elohim intends that we live – from the first moment and without ceasing.

We have no need for preparation to live after life has already been given.  That work is already done.

Let Elohim lead you.
Walk with Them.
But remember … Elohim does not follow where YOU think to lead.

Elohim exists only in the Now because the Now is all there is.
In the Now the whole world is a living spirit.
All reasoning as a means of reckoning reality must end in surrender to feeling the Here and the Now.

We have then no need for know-all and be-all answers.
We can still experience the reality of Goodness as an Eternal verity,

… of Compassion as an Eternal Verity,

… of Sharing and Giving as Eternal Verities,

… of Non-judgmental Thinking and Perception as Eternal Verities.

… and ultimately as the most Eternal Verity, Unconditional Love.


Published by

Arthur Ruger

Married and in a wonderful relationship. Retired Social Worker, Veteran, writer, author, blogger, musician,. Lives in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

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