Love letter response to Lietta who asks, “What do you believe?”


We’ve had hundreds of conversations over a variety of topics that continues to this day. Frequently you have made the following statement:

“I still don’t know what you believe.”

In one form or another I have tried to answer your question in such a way that does  not sound like a testimony of an immutable truth.


Because that is the way I first learned spiritual truths. As you yourself have experienced, my culture’s primary faith involves belief in immutable truths (unchanging over time or unable to be changed.)

However, nowadays all things of spirit that I have sought and found dwell impeccably  within. How I see you, how I relate to you and how I love and am committed to you is part and parcel of what I have come to believe about Providence, The Divine, The Triune Deity. It is the basis of that belief from which I try to make sense and find common understanding regarding this life we share.

I believe in something bigger than the three-dimensional life I see and experience as I constantly record the movie I am making (as Don Miguel would say.)

There is something beyond the three-dimensional shallow end of the lake where we spend most of our lives splashing around with the rest of humanity that lives within our chosen circle and our chosen community.

I believe that the essence of cosmological realty lies in the direction of deeper water. I believe in the river of life which flows all around us and that if we lift our feet off the bottom of the river the flow will carry us where Divinity intends that we journey. If that is some sort of “let go and let God” then so be it.

The simple words and symbols I use as language must always remain metaphorical since symbols are not the very thing they are supposed to represent. You can sit on a chair but you can’t sit on the word symbol c-h-a-i-r. It is the same with most verbal and literary tools we  use to express the thoughts and notions we summon as we try to describe the deep end of the lake.

I have faith in that which is not easily discerned by my eyes in the world of five senses. I have faith that the world is discerned by more than five senses and those additional senses or sensations constitute the mystical view of life that is so significant and important to me.

I believe in serendipity more than coincidence and that in some way things happen for a reason. I further believe that in some way the reason for which they happen has something to do with will – my will – asserting decisions made awhile back or asserting things in this moment and out of this moment on a mental or spiritual plane that only I can sense.

Whatever  Providence or The Divine is, the manifestation is most often sensed or perceived as the Sacred Triune of Father, Mother and Child. If I were to dance with the religiously organized and follow certain steps and music other words might be used: Father, Son, Holy Spirit … but as you do … I see Divinity as patterned after a Father, a Mother and Children in a form that has nothing to do with worthiness, righteousness or being subject to the authority or dominion of a higher power.

In fact, if I do  not consciously participate in communion with the Triune Higher Power it no longer exists as something divine to which I might owe allegiance or subordinated  obedience. If I were tempted to label the Triune as “God” I would effectively reduce The Divine into an idol that violates the conscience, the creative imagination and spiritual intuition into mere and mindless religious blather of which there is no socially redeeming value.

I believe in Providence as much as I believe in yours and my union in life. I believe in unity with providence as it expresses the unity between us. I believe in the notion of Eternity as endless existence in whatever form that takes. I believe in reunions with lost loved ones. I believe in progression along what for me might be an imaginary line of growth on an extra-dimensional reality that I could not begin to describe.

Life for me is not a one-time shot of 70 or more years to “earn” something in an imaginary hereafter based on  performance. I believe that when a time of separation for you and me arrives, that separation will be only as long or short as we have willed according to the lights of knowledge we surely possess but cannot sense in our fragile mortality.

I believe in human unity based on love. I believe that loved ones are not based strictly on  blood connections. Families can be forever and we have blood relatives who are connected to us in forever ways. However they are not the only souls dancing with our eternity. After all I was not dancing with your eternity nor you with mine when our souls first heard our music.

That is why we will see our loved ones again.

That is why I find contentment with those who share their love with us  in what is alive and thriving day to day sweetheart.


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