What “law of eternal progression?”

There are those who suggest that when we depart from the faith and culture we dishonor the sacrifices and lives of ancestors who had a role in why we were born into our faith and culture.

Do we owe the rest of our lives to ancestors whose sacrifices gifted the future to their descendants?

Does that not assume some sort of structured progression where knowledge continues in discovery which consequently summons a wisdom in us that was not in the ancestors?

How arrogant is that notion?

Were the ancestors able to speak to the present moment what would they say to us here and now? What would they know of the trial, tribulation and the new knowledge that existed not in their day?

Do we not with our childish assumptions lay chains of bondage upon our hearts and minds thinking that back in their day they possessed the ultimate wisdom along with an obligation to bequeath wisdoms arrogantly with expectations and obligations attached?

By what right might they have done that?

By what ignorance might we obligate ourselves to notions that existed in those earlier present moments which resemble little our own present moments?

Are we then clinging with terror to who we believe our ancestors were?

Have we not come to know that our ancestors were the identical flawed human minds and hearts as that in their descendants here and now?

If we attempt to open the floodgates of our ancestral imagery do we not risk the ebb and flow of drowning in assumption?

Our ancestors had their own family of ancestors. Did they not learn from their own past lessons in the time and place of their own present moments – as should we?

The souls of our here and now have their own ancestors.

Can we doubt the spiritual connection with the past?

Should we try to assume that the realities of this century were the same realities of then?


To what purpose?

Do we vainly assume that the entirety of our ancestral procession is meant by Divinity to produce the circumstances of here and now?

Our fore bearers existed in circumstances that framed their own time and place in history; circumstance that had little resemblance to the circumstances the have arisen around our evolving generation.

Their generation was then and ours is now. They are connected by a common spirit and soul that lives within each human.

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